I wanted something I can do at home when i'm in a pinch during those times I need to "emergency shave!"  You know what I'm talking about!  But I have sensitive skin and using a razor causes  me to have bad rashes.  The Sugaring is soo good for my skin and i get no reactions at all! leaves me so smooth!  So easy too. LOVE IT!   Will be buying again!


You've got to try this!  So easy to use at home whenever I want at my own convenience! I bring it with me on my cottage summer trips! 


One fo the Best Hair Removal kits I've tried!  Love these products.  I recommend getting a full kit. I sugared with my friends at a party had so much fun! 


I purchased the Strip Sugaring Kit.  I'm new to all this and this product made it so simple for me to use!  It's so easy to remove hair and love the results it leaves me so smooth I keep wanting to touch how smooth my skin is!   Plus I DONT HAVE TO SHAVE EVERYDAY!   only once a month!